Our vision

    Perspective is the leading regional centre of expertise for regional and territorial development in Brussels.

    As the initiator of the territorial development strategy, it proposes integrated, forward-looking solutions to meet current and future regional challenges.

    Regional centre of expertise and decision-making tool

    Perspective is the regional reference centre of expertise for regional and territorial development in Brussels. It allows the definition, development and evaluation of regional and territorial strategies based on statistics, thematic analyses and observations of the territory. Perspective cross-checks, consolidates and makes available the expertise and disciplines that enable public action and strategies to be based on solid foundations. As such, it is a decision-making tool for the public authorities and stakeholders acting on the regional territory. As the initiator of the territorial development strategy, it offers integrated and visionary solutions to meet current and future regional challenges.

    Perspective integrates its different activities so it can fully benefit from the complementarity between the different types of expertise. The data and analyses produced within it are processed to identify the issues they raise and to deploy strategies to address them. These strategies are implemented in part by Perspective itself or by other regional operators.

    Process facilitator

    Perspective assumes the role of process facilitator, based on the relevance of its analyses and its equidistance from the different regional dimensions. It sees its actions as a catalyst for aligning and connecting the action of the various operators in a coherent whole so it can respond to regional issues.

    Territory watch & regulation

    Perspective is part of an approach that involves the continuous improvement of the strategies and processes developed. Perspective monitors the territory's different urban functions and trends in order to identify changes and shortcomings. To this end, it uses the analysis of practices and developments in other cities and activates networks for this purpose. Perspective ensures the quality of territorial development and is therefore particularly attentive to the development and defence of urban functions that do not spontaneously unfold in the urban area. Facilities of collective interest, particularly educational facilities, require a specific approach and methods.

    Open platform for exchange

    Perspective uses a range of tools to enable their deployment, in conjunction with the identified operators. To develop this expertise, Perspective is designed as an open platform for exchange with external stakeholders. Perspective stimulates and contributes to the public debate to ensure that it is based on robust data and analysis. It also encourages the development of citizen participation practices. Perspective is committed to developing a spirit of exchange, dialogue and openness with and between its employees, which leads to the emergence of new ideas, and a caring work environment that fosters professional satisfaction. Perspective also preserves and reinforces what makes it special, namely a flexible spirit and operation, focused on solutions and results, valuing and stimulating the skills and versatility of its employees.