ISOCARP-congress: From Wealthy to Healthy Cities

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03 > 06 October 2022

Posted on 2 September 2022


Maison de la Poste - Tour & Taxis - Rue Picard 5/7 - 1000 Brussels
The Brussels-Capital Region will be hosting the 58th ISOCARP World Urban Planning Congress (3-6 October 2022). Urban planners, allied professionals and policy makers will meet to discuss this year's theme: "From wealthy to healthy cities".

Rethinking the place of health in the city

In every big city, there are many factors influencing the health of the inhabitants. These include the high concentration of activities, social inequalities, mobility patterns, air quality and the impact of climate change. These factors impacting the citizens’ health must be taken into account in an integrated way in urban planning, particularly in terms of public and green spaces, housing, mobility...

The theme of this 58th edition of the ISOCARP congress ("From Wealthy to Healthy Cities") had already been set at the end of 2019, before the start of the pandemic. Since then, academics and policy makers from all over the world have been able to reflect on the city in the post-pandemic era. Brussels is also engaged in this reflection and will continue it thanks to the organisation of this international congress. The idea is quite simple: our environment is decisive for our health!

The programme has 4 main themes:

  • Healthy people - the health of people, with a focus on local food chains, prevention and the impact of the living environment on our physical and mental well-being
  • Healthy planet - from local to global, with a focus on energy transition and carbon neutrality for example
  • Healthy governance - integrating health into urban planning and participation processes
  • Healthy economy - recognition of a paradigm shift from a growth economy to a localised circular economy

Brussels as host city

Pascal Smet, Secretary of State for Urbanism, will act as master of ceremonies at the congress. He will be supported by Minister-President Rudi Vervoort and Minister for the Environment and Health Alain Maron.

The ISOCARP Congress is organised in collaboration with, and Brussels Environment.

Dialogue and exchange between cities at European and international level is indeed essential, also for the Brussels Region. The organisation of this congress is in line with the priorities of the Region, whose spatial planning policy aims to improve the living environment, particularly in the densely populated areas of the centre. Public and open spaces fulfil many functions, including making the city healthier and more pleasant to live in.

Various themes and projects in Brussels will be highlighted at the congress.

The Canal zone is a perfect example of a Brussels neighbourhood in full development where health must take centre stage.  The Tour & Taxis site was therefore chosen as the venue for the congress (Maison de la Poste).

And because it is important to be active, also during the congress, the programme includes several formats. In addition to the traditional plenary sessions and round tables, there will also be field trips by bike, on foot or even by jogging!

There will be a bike ride along the canal and a visit to CityGate and Tivoli.

The European Quarter, the Neerpede ponds and the conversion of the Wielemans brewery will also be on the agenda.

Detailed programme

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