Europe’s action in support of the transition of cities. How does it translate to the Brussels Region? #6


Posted on 29 November 2021


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What are the priorities and European strategies for cities and their inhabitants? What are the European laws, programmes and financing that impact urban development in Brussels? How does Europe support the cities and how is Brussels taking advantage of this support to consolidate its territorial strategies for urban transition?

This ABOUT # 6 looks at the link between the Region's urban development and European policies and brings answers to these questions.

Europe is generally perceived as complicated and far away from the daily life of Europeans. This publication presents European policies aimed at cities and concrete projects benefiting Brussels residents.

The Brussels Region has been using European funds for more than thirty years in addition to its own regional schemes to amplify the results of its policies in terms of urban transition. The most revealing example being the role of ERDF funds in the transformation of the Canal Area.

At a time when the European Union has just renewed all its policies for the period 2021-2027 and released 1,800 billion euros for this same period, the Brussels Region has a window of opportunities to seize in support of its own urban recovery and resilience.

This About also coincides with the adoption at the end of November 2021 by the European ministers in charge of urban development of the Ljubljana Agreement on the continuation of the Urban Agenda. This Agreement strengthens the place and role of cities in the European Union and the Brussels-Capital Region played an important role in its adoption.

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Europe'action in support of the transition of cities

How does it translate to the Brussels Region?


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