(Brussels Planning Agency) brings together the different agencies and units responsible for statistics, socio-economic information and strategic and regulatory planning in the region:
  • the Brussels Institute for Statistics and Analysis (IBSA-BISA)
  • the Urban Development Agency (ADT-ATO)
  • the Studies and Planning Directorate of Brussels Urban Development (SPRB-GOB)
  • the team of the Bouwmeester (Brussels chief architect)
  • the Schools Service (coordination of procedures for the creation of new school places in the Brussels-Capital Region)
  • the secretariat of the Regional Development Commission (CRD-GOC)
  • the Housing Officer

The Brussels Planning Agency was created by the Order of 29 July 2015 of the Parliament of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Main roles:
  • Ensuring data collection and the development, production, processing, dissemination and analysis of statistics, and performing evaluations
  • Ensure knowledge of the territory
  • Perform preparations for the regulatory and strategic work of spatial planning will work within a regional platform in consultation with the Urban Development Corporation (SAU-MSI). The latter is the public operator responsible for the operational implementation of development plans in the strategic areas defined by the government of the Brussels-Capital Region.

The SAU-MSI plays an operational role to ensure the concrete development of these areas, working on a project co-construction basis with the relevant private and public partners.